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How to Import Inventory Items

As a new user of our software, you may want to consider importing your inventory data into our platform to streamline your inventory management process and improve your business operations. By importing your inventory data, you can keep track of your stock levels, monitor inventory movements, and optimize your stock replenishment process. Moreover, importing inventory data can provide you with insights into your inventory performance, such as which products are selling well and which products are not, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your product offerings.

Here’s a brief walkthrough on how to properly import your inventory items into the ServiceWorks software

Preparing Your Data

A few things to keep in mind before you begin your import process:

Brand and Manufacturer need to be set prior to data import
Imported files must be in .csv format
Inventory Locations and Bins must be created prior to importing data
A Chart Of Accounts must be created prior to importing data

Before you attempt to import your files into ServiceWorks, first you will need to ensure that your data is in the right format.

To begin, download our sample .csv file HERE to get a look at the correct format for importing your data. We recommend opening this file with Excel or a similar worksheet program. Here’s a preview of what the template should show you

Once opened, you can copy & paste (or manually enter) your data into the table until completed.

A few important things to remember while transferring your data to the sample file:

The first row of this file is the header and is necessary to properly complete your import process. DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE THIS ROW
When listing your locations, use 1 line for your locations and bin. Using multiple locations or bins in one box will cause errors in your import process
Be sure to save this file in .csv format. Any other file format WILL NOT be accepted in the import process.

Once finished, be sure to save your data as something easy to remember for ease of use in this process for later.

Importing Your Items Into ServiceWorks

Now that you’ve set up all the prerequired items for import, hover over the Inventory section of the toolbar and select Item

In the following Inventory Item menu, click the Import button and select Inventory Item

Next, click the Browse CSV button to select your newly saved .csv file, then click Upload to continue

In the following menu, you’ll be given the option to preview your data to ensure the column header of the file is correct. In the ServiceWorks Property column, select the corresponding column name to the left to ensure that your data is being mapped to the correct place

Once verified, click Import to continue

Once completed, you’ll be presented with a summary screen of the items you’ve imported. Should any errors occur, they will also show up in this section with an explanation on what needs to be done to properly import the data

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