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Creating Bulk Jobs with Primary and Sub-Customers

First, you’ll need to create your primary customer account. You can do so by clicking the Add New button on the toolbar and then selecting New Customer

Next, enter the information for your primary customer account. Be sure to set the customer’s name in the Company Name field and select Save once you’ve added the rest of the information

Now that you’ve set up your primary customer, it’s time to set up the sub-customers. Repeat the process of creating a new customer by clicking on Add New from the toolbar and selecting New Customer to open the edit screen.

This time, however, you’ll need to do a few things to successfully create your sub-customer:

  1. Check the Is Sub-Customer box and enter the name of the primary customer. This will ensure that this sub-customer account will be associated with the primary customer. This will auto-populate as you type text into this field.
  2. Be sure the billing box to the right is set to Bill with Parent. This ensures that all finances billed are charged to the correct billing address.
  3. Use the Company Name to designate the difference in location. We recommend using the same name plus a street or apartment number for ease of use
  4. Set the primary phone number. When entering the primary phone number, the system will default the digits as the account number. If you plan on using the same phone number for the primary and sub-customers, you will need to edit the account number using the pencil icon, as the system will only permit one unique account number per customer.
  5. Set the address. When setting the sub-customer address, be sure to have the type set to Customer Address.

When you’re done, click Save to continue. You can repeat this process for as many sub-customers as you need.

Now that you have your primary and sub-customers set up, you’re ready to assign jobs. To begin, hover over the Customers section of the toolbar and select Customers

Next, type the name of the primary customer into the Name search field and select Search. Doing so should bring up both the primary customer and all of the configured sub-customers.

Next, select each sub-customer for whom you wish to schedule a job using the Action drop-down in the upper right corner, then select Create Job

In the following menu, you can set the following parameters:

  • Start / End Date – Designate the start and end dates for the scheduled job
  • Start / End Time – Designate the start and end time for the scheduled job
  • Job Type – Assign a job type to the scheduled job
  • Description – Create a description for the scheduled job. Note, this description will remain in each scheduled job
  • Select Professional – Assign a technician to a job

Once complete with your selections, click Save to continue

Once saved, return to the schedule view. You should now see that all of those scheduled jobs now appear on the date on which they were scheduled.

This method will only create bulk individual jobs, it will not create recurring jobs (coming soon. Those will need to be set individually.

To view more on how to set up a recurrence, visit our blog.

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