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Timesheet Management in ServiceWorks

Using the Employee Time Sheet will allow you to keep track of an employee’s time using a shift format. This is perfect for employees that do not need time tracked by service job length. Employees can clock on the ServiceWorks Pro app and on the ServiceWorks desktop.

On the ServiceWorks desktop, you will be able to start and stop the shift as well as add a shift.


From a tech role, you can access the timesheet in the menu.


From an admin role, you can access the timesheet under
Configurations->Admin->Time Sheet

A tech can clock in for a shift by using the Start Day button. They will also be able to clock in using the Start Day button on the ServiceWorks Pro App. If you clock in on the app you will see the update on the desktop version.

View from ServiceWorks Desktop

You will also be able to manually add a shift using the Add Shift button. This button can be helpful whenever a tech forgets to clock in/out and the time needs to be adjusted.

When adding shifts for techs through the admin view of ServiceWorks desktop, it will prompt you to choose the tech in question and enter the details for the entire shift.

ServiceWorks can track both timesheets and the time stamps for jobs. Doing so gives you the flexibility to run your schedule the way you want to and the data to maximize your productivity through reporting!




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