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SWiP – ServiceWorks Integrated Payments

ServiceWorks is excited to announce new payment gateway! Now introducing a new lower cost payment processor option known as SWiP (or ServiceWorks Integrated Payments).

Let’s detail how to go about getting up and running with SWiP as your new payment processor.

If you haven’t already during your initial demo with our sales team, you will need to submit a request to our support team to receive a form to complete for your setup.

You can contact our support team to receive that form in the following ways:

  • Call our support team at +1 (636) 220 4363
  • Email our support team at support@service.works
  • Inquire about the form to your onboarding specialist either before, during, or after your onboarding process

Once you’ve filled it out, return the completed form to our team at support@service.works, at which point we will generate your API key. We will contact you afterward with the account credentials to enter into your ServiceWorks settings

Note: If the form gets submitted back to us during the business day, it can be setup and ready to go the same day. For instances where the form is submitted after hours or on a weekend, it will be available the next business day

Once you’ve received and entered your credentials, we recommend processing a $2 payment to ensure the processor has been set up correctly.

Below is additional information on the associated cost and fees with SWiP.

Need More Assistance?
Contact us:
Use the chat bubble on our site here
Email: support@service.works
Phone: 636-220-4363 Ext #1


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