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Multiple Team Assignment

We recently added the feature to assign multiple teams to a scheduled job or estimation within ServiceWorks. This can be useful for situations where you’d need more than one team assigned to a service without the tedium of having to individually add each professional to the ticket. Here’s a tutorial on how to utilize this feature:

A few things to note before you start:

  • You will need to create a job / estimation ticket BEFORE you can add multiple teams. It will not work from the creation of a new job or estimation.
  • This feature is only available via the Schedule view at this time. Other methods of multiple team assignment are currently in development.
  • This feature will not work if a professional is assigned to more than one team. Attempting to assign duplicate professionals will result in an error message.

From the schedule view, click on the job you want to assign multiple teams to and select ‘Edit Assignment

Once you’ve opened the Assignment Information screen, select ‘Professional‘ to begin assigning teams to the job

In the following menu, you’ll see a list of the available professionals and teams that can be assigned to the job. Choose the desired teams and then click ‘Done’ to save your selection.

Now that when you return to that job on the schedule, the window should display the teams assigned to the job as well as a list of professionals assigned to each team

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