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Rescheduling Multiple Jobs

Emergency situations will occur, such as inclement weather or equipment failure, that may require you to reschedule from one day to another available day. If you have to do this procedure with multiple jobs and customers, it could become a hassle to do each one individually! This tutorial will guide you on how to reschedule multiple jobs within ServiceWorks

To begin, navigate to Jobs -> All Jobs to reach the job search menu. From there, you can use the search criteria fields to pinpoint the jobs you wish to reschedule.

Once you’ve selected the jobs you want to reschedule, click on the Change Schedule button above the search results table.

In the Change Schedule pop up menu, set the new date for the jobs selected and save. For this example, we will be moving the scheduled jobs from 8/12 to 8/15.

Now that the jobs have been rescheduled, we can see now within the All Jobs view that they have a new set date of 8/15.