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Feature Update: Tasks

Within ServiceWorks, you have the ability to set tasks for your employees. You can use this module as an additional organizational tool to be used for your business. Here’s a tutorial on how to enable and use the Tasks feature:

Enabling the Tasks feature

You’ll need to make sure that tasks are enabled otherwise you will not be able to access the Tasks feature.

To do so, click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner to open the Configuration tab. Once the Configuration tab is open, click on Admin and then Permission.

From the Permission menu, set the first dropdown box to the role you wish to enable tasks for and the second dropdown box to Customer

Within the settings for Customer, make sure that all of the toggles for Task are checked to enable the feature in ServiceWorks. You will need to log out and back in for the permission change to take effect.

Now that the Tasks feature is enabled, you can find it by hovering over Customer in the toolbar and then clicking on Tasks to enter the tasks menu

Now that you’re in the Task menu, you can perform the following from this screen:

  • Use the search fields to filter tasks by selected criteria
  • Use the Task Status section to filter tasks by the current status
  • Create new Tasks with the New Task button
  • Edit, Delete, or Mark as complete for existing tasks

Creating A Task

To begin creating a task, click the New Task button in the upper right corner of the menu

In the following menu, you’ll have the ability to do the following:

  • Title – Set a name for your task
  • Type – Set the type of task being assigned (This list can be edited within the Task Type settings in your configuration)
  • Priority – set the priority of this task to Low, Medium, High, or None
  • Due Date – Assign a specific date and time for the task to be completed
  • Associate with Records – Use this option to associate a customer’s history with the task being set. Tasks associated with records will also appear alongside that customer’s information within ServiceWorks
  • Assigned To – Use this to assign this task to a specific employee
  • Send Reminder – Enable this to send reminder notifications about the created task
  • Notes – Use this section to enter any notes related to the task

Once finished, click Create and Add Another or Create to confirm and create your new task.

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