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Feature: Scheduling Filters

Here’s a brief tutorial for our most recent update to the scheduling view:

We’ve updated the filters on the far left side to include a few more options.


Display your scheduled view by the teams you have assigned in ServiceWorks. You can also click the Member Details link to see a list of all users assigned to each team


View your schedule based on the technician assigned to the job. You can also use the Add Pickup link to create a route to pick up items or equipment from warehouse locations at a glance:


View the schedule based on contracted workers within your system


View the schedule based on a job’s current status


View your schedule based on the assigned zones

Job Type

View your schedule by the various Job Types from your job settings

Setting A Filter As Your Default View

Once you’ve taken the chance to view all the filters available, you may wish to set one as your default view. Follow these steps to do so:

Select the tab filter you wish to set as your default view. In this example, we are going to set Zone as our default

Next, in the lower right-hand corner, select one of the calendar view buttons as your default view. Once this has been selected both your calendar view and tab filters will be set as the default when logging into your account.

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