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Creating and Managing Discount Codes

Discount coupons are a useful marketing tool that can be applied to encourage consumers to make purchases or to advertise a new good or service. They can, however, turn into a liability and end up costing the company money if they are not managed properly.  It’s crucial to establish precise rules for using discount codes, keep an eye on their efficiency, and guard against fraud. 

Discounting has been proven as an effective way to promote your business and motivate customers to make purchases. As you run your business, you may find it beneficial to occasionally offer discounts to new and existing customers. This tutorial will show you ways how to set up, apply, and manage discounts within ServiceWorks.

Creating the Discount

First, you will need to set up the discount within the system settings. To access these settings, open up the Configurations Tab Menu by clicking on the cogwheel on the right side of the toolbar and then navigating to Configuration -> Discount Settings

Once in the menu, click on the New Discount button in the upper right corner to begin creating your discount

In the following popup menu, you’re presented with a few options for your discount creation:

Name – Designate a name for the discount within ServiceWorks

Percentage – Set the desired percentage rate for your discount

Code – create a custom code for the discount. You will also need to make sure Use Online is checked to enable the use of the discount

Expired At – Choose when your discount code expires. Leave the field blank if you don’t want to set an expiration date

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, click Save to complete the creation of your discount code

Applying a Discount via Job Ticket

Now that your discount is properly set up, you are ready to apply this discount to jobs within service works.

Within the Edit Job menu, scroll down to the Charges section. Here you can see the current totals for parts and/or labor attached to the job.

Use the Discount (%) dropdown box next to the corresponding amount to apply the discounts you have stored within ServiceWorks. Once finished, click Save Charges to see the now discounted total (Note: discount codes will only work on Service/Labor or Item/Part totals)

Applying Discount via Instant Booking

If you are currently using our Instant Booking module, this is what your customers will see when applying discount codes:

Prior to advertising your discount for customers to use on your instant booking page, you will need to ensure that the Accept Discount Code is enabled on the Payment section of your instant booking page. Without this being enabled, your customers will be unable to input discount codes at checkout.

Clicking on the Discount link will bring up a menu displaying all of the available discounts within your ServiceWorks account. Enabling or disabling the Use column will determine which discount codes can be applied to this specific instant booking page.

You can also create a new discount, which will add this to both this instant booking page and your master list of discount within your system settings

Note: Any discounts created in the master list will need to be enabled in instant booking. Discounts created from within the instant booking settings shall be enabled by default

When finished with your selection, be sure to click Save before continuing

Upon entering their information, selecting a date, and selecting their service, your customers will have the opportunity to enter a discount code upon reaching the end of the Payment page

And once applied, the total should now include the discount and its amount within the summary

Alternatively, you can share a version of your instant booking with a discount code already applied to the total. To do so navigate to the Instant Booking menu and click on Share

In the share popup menu, click the Share Link With Discount tab. From here you can select a discount from your created list within ServiceWorks and create a version of your instant booking page with the selected discount applied. Copy and paste the code into your website to share this version of your instant booking page with your customers.

Note: Using this version of your instant booking page will prevent any other discounts from being applied to the total, as this version will not include the discount field during checkout.

Managing Your Discounts

Once you’ve configured your discount codes, they can also be added to existing jobs, copied from existing jobs, and even applied to jobs within a recurrence series. Here are a few things to keep in mind when applying your discounts to job tickets:

When creating a recurring job from the Instant Booking page, the discount will only apply to the FIRST job in the series

Discounts applied to recurrences will not be reflected on jobs that have already been paid or marked as completed/delivered

To add a discount code to an existing recurrence, do the following:

To begin, hover over the Jobs section of the toolbar and click Recurrences

In the recurrence screen, use the three dots at the end of the recurrence you wish to add your discount to and select Go to Child Jobs

Once in the child jobs menu, select the next scheduled job in the series to continue.

In the job edit menu, scroll down to the Charges panel, add your discount, and select Save Charges

Now that the discount has been saved to the ticket, scroll back up to the Recurring Details section and select Copy Job Changes Forward

In the following recurrence popup, be sure to check the Discounts box to transfer the discount to all remaining jobs in the series.

Once completed, the discount should appear on all scheduled future jobs in the recurrence

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