Instant Booking

Instant Booking

Within ServiceWorks, you have the ability to set up a separate booking page for your customers, similar to your website, where they can requests your business’ service without having to speak to a representative. This page can also be used to streamline your scheduling process, saving time and energy along the way. Here’s a series of tutorials detailing how each part works.

To begin, access the Instant Booking settings, you’ll need to navigate to Configuration -> Job Settings -> Instant Booking. In the example below, you can see the following options for an existing instant booking page:

  1. Enable/Disable – This will determine whether or not this page is active on the web
  2. Copy – Use this to create a copy of your current instant booking page
  3. Share – This will generate a URL link to either share directly to customers or embed into your website to create a link to the instant booking page. You can also use this to enable an availability widget for potential customers (more on that here)
  4. Preview – This allows you to view your instant booking page as if you were a customer requesting services
  5. Edit – This takes you to the edit menu for your instant booking page

If this is your first time creating your instant booking page, click on the Add New button in the upper right corner to get your instant booking page started. If you’ve already created one, click on the Edit icon to follow along with this step by step guide.

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