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Creating A Disclaimer

Writing a disclaimer, whether it be necessary or legally required, is always a useful tool to have on hand. Here’s how to set up one of your own within ServiceWorks

Setting up the Disclaimer

First, navigate to the Configuration Tab by clicking the cogwheel in the upper right corner. Once the tab has opened on the left side, click on the section that says Disclaimer, and then the New Disclaimer button to begin setup

Once in the New Disclaimer menu, you can set a name for your disclaimer, whether or not it appears before or after a scheduled service, and the text for your disclaimer. Once you are satisfied with your entry, be sure to check the Default box and click Save. You can create as many disclaimers as you need with this process.

Once created, you’ll need to make sure that the disclaimer is visible within the customer invoice. You can do so by navigating to Configuration -> Invoice Settings -> Invoice Template. Within the invoice template menu, copy and paste the dynamic tag {Disclaimer} from the legend to wherever you’d like it to appear on the template and click Save.

Acquiring Signatures via Mobile App

Now that your disclaimer is created and properly set up, you are ready to take signatures in the field!

In the mobile app, select an open or completed job you wish to capture a signature for then press on the Sign button at the top.

Once selected, you will see a list of the disclaimers you have currently configured within ServiceWorks. Choose the one you wish to have the customer sign and open it by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

In this menu, you can use the touch screen of your mobile device to capture a signature from a customer. You can also use the ‘clear’ link in the signature field to reset the signature. Once finished, select Save to exit the menu.

Now that it’s been signed and saved, you’ll see a green checkmark next to the disclaimer to show that it has been signed. Note: You will not be able to view the captured signature from the mobile app once it has been saved. The field will appear blank if you reopen the disclaimer

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