Order and Receive Parts in ServiceWorks

In ServiceWorks workflow there are two places where you can use parts/items from your inventory.

  1. Selling Part: you can create point of sale transaction or POS order when you sell an item to your customer
  2. Maintenance Part: You can use parts or items from your inventory when you visit your customer location for providing a service.

In both situations the parts that you need is automatically added to the Item Needed page when you add it to JOB or POS.

Order Items at Ticket Level

Items added to Job

When you add items/parts to a job the default disposition is set to “Select Disposition”. You can change the disposition to any of the following. Please read here how the item disposition impacts Inventory.

If the selected disposition is “Keep On Ticket” or “Select Disposition” and the Job status is “Not Completed” or “Canceled” the items will be available in Item Needed page for creating Purchase Order.

Select one or may items and click Create Order button located at the bottom of the page.

This will add all the items in one Purchase Order and open up the PO for you to edit. You must select the Delivery Site and the Distributor. The reference number will be loaded for you as job number if the item was needed for a job. But you can change this reference to be any meaningful number of your choice.

Clicking the Submit button will save the PO and if it is for Marcone it will automatically place order in there. If any other distributor is selected then the Purchase Order will be generated but automatic order will not be placed for those. The job status for the jobs will be set to On Hold automatically if the “Automatically Change Status when creating PO” checkbox is checked. Or you can manually set the job status to On Hold.

Job status change on receiving purchase order

In the Purchase Order Settings if the the Auto Update Job Status for Receiving PO is checked and job status is marked as On Hold, and then when you receive all the items for that job from the PO the job status will automatically change to Ready To Be Rescheduled.

Items added in POS

When you add items to POS you can collect payment even when you may not have the item in your inventory, and later place order to receive the items and deliver those to your customer.

When you schedule a job from POS, all the items associated with the POS will automatically transfer to the job. Open the job and save the Product section. Now all these items will be available in the Items needed page as part of the Tickets. The same workflow of receive PO on job will be in effect, so that when you receive item the job status will change to Ready to be Rescheduled.

Order Items at Reorder Level

You can define the ROP and EOQ point of every inventory item in the location level. If your ROP drops below the preset value then automatically the Item will be available under Item Needed page for ordering. When you create PO from reorder level, you can’t associate any POS or Job. You can add the number as reference but that will not enable any automation workflow.

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