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Time Tracking

ServiceWorks helps manage time and costs across your company for enhanced performance and profitability. Improve productivity with notifications, approval workflows, GPS tracking, and more.

Time tracking from Mobile App

Readily turn any iOS or Android device into a cloud-connected kiosk for time capture and self-service management. Employees can automatically track their time by clicking the Start Day, Pause, Resume, End Day button.

Time Tracking from Web Application

From the web application non admin employees can track their time and request time off.

The employees can Add shift and name the sheet as the type of work e.g. Machine Work, Paper Work, Job, Cleaning etc.

Time Off Request from Web

Time Off request can be generated from the web application for every non admin users. Add the requested time off date , time and reason and save it. This will automatically send notification to the admin for review.

Admin Timesheet View

There are two ways time can be tracked. One is automated, one is manual. The time tracked can be overridden by admin from the Configuration.

Time Spent in Job

ServiceWorks also helps to calculate the actual time spend in job when the tech clicks the en-route/arrived/complete job button. The time spent in job is the difference between job completion time and arrival time.

The time spent in jobs can be viewed in various reports.

Time Tracking Reports

Admin has multiple reports to see the time tracking data.

Time Tracking

Time Sheet Summary

Time Sheet

Time Off Approval

Admin can approve all the time off requests from the admin screen.


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