Simplified Optimization

We’re excited to announce our new, simplified version to optimize your scheduled jobs. This new view of the optimize page gives you the base features of our optimization module, ensuring a hassle-free way to streamline your daily tasks. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to locate and use this new feature

To locate the Simplified Optimization option, hover over the Jobs section of the toolbar and click Optimize

Once in the Optimize menu, click Go to Simplified Optimization to access the simplified view

Optimizing jobs works the same way as it would with the standard optimization function. Your typical workflow should look like the following:

  • Select a date on which to optimize your jobs
  • Select the name of the technician assigned to those jobs using the checkboxes on the right
  • Once selected, you can move around the pin marked “00” to designate your starting location for the optimized route
  • Then click Optimize and wait for the best available route to be generated.

Some key differences to keep in mind about the simplified optimization view:

  • Does not include skills filter
  • Does not account for current traffic
  • Does not account for current or predicted weather conditions
  • Optimizes route based on the shortest available mileage only

Please note that the larger amount of jobs you have scheduled for the day, the longer the optimization process may take. This is due in part to the calculations required to ensure your generated route has the least amount of mileage

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