Reports: Service Tickets Parts Status

What This Report Does:
Generates a report based on the order status of items attached to tickets with services

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following options for filtering your search:

  • PartStatus – Filter your search by Not Ordered, Ordered, and Received
  • Start / End Date – specifies the time period to produce the report from

Once satisfied with your results, click Run Report to continue

Once generated, you will be able to view the following information within the report:

  • Ticket# – Displays the ticket number assigned to the job
  • Technician – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the job
  • Customer – Displays the name of the customer assigned to the job
  • Assign Date – Displays the date on which the job was assigned
  • Time – Displays the time on which the job was assigned
  • Ticket Status – Displays the current status of the ticket
  • Trip Status– Displays whether or not this trip has been completed
  • Disposition – Displays the disposition of the item on the job
  • Part – Displays the brand and item number of parts assigned to the job
  • Ordered By – Displays the name of the employee who submitted the purchase order
  • Ordered At – Displays the date the purchase order was submitted
  • Distributor – Displays the assigned distributor for the item
  • Dist. Order Number – Displays the order number generated by the purchase order
  • Part Status – Displays the current order status of the item on the job
  • Received – Displays whether or not the item has been received into inventory
  • Reference – Displays the reference number for the submitted purchase order
  • ETA – Displays the estimated time of arrival for the purchase order to be received

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