Inventory Reports

Report: Parts Pricing and Cost

What This Report Does:
Generates a list of all inventory items within your ServiceWorks account, displaying their respective price and cost per item.

Upon opening this report, you’ll be presented with a list of your current inventory. The following information can also be viewed in this table:

  • Brand – Displays the brand of the item
  • Item Number – Displays the item’s assigned number
  • ItemDesc – Displays the text within the Description field of the item
  • IsActive – Displays whether or not the item is currently active within the inventory
  • DefaultPurchase Cost – Displays the item’s purchase cost
  • Default Sales Price – Displays the item’ s original sales price
  • Replacement Cost – Displays the cost needed to replace the item
  • Selling Price 1 – Display’s the price assigned to the item’s Column Pricing
  • Selling Price 2 – Displays the amount in the item’s ‘Column 2’ price
  • Selling Price 3 – Displays the amount in the item’s ‘Column 3’ price
  • Selling Price 4 – Displays the amount in the item’s ‘Column 4’ pric
  • Last Cost – Displays the last price change for the item
  • Avg Cost – Displays the average overall cost of the item based on its different pricing tiers

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