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Report: Combined Invoice Register

In the ServiceWorks software, you can generate a report based on invoices that have been added to combined invoices. Here’s a brief overview of how that report will appear.

Once you’ve opened up the Combined Invoice Register, you’ll have the option to set the following search parameters:

  • From Date / To Date: Set the date range to filter your search results by
  • Invoice Type: Filter results by SVC (Service), POS (Point of Sale), or All
  • Job Type: Filter your search by the job types created in your account

Once satisfied with your selections, click Run Report.

Now that your report has been generated, you can view each ticket and the following information assigned to each:

Invoice Number
-Job Date
-Job Type
-Account Number
-Customer Name
-Other Charges
-Service Cost
-Item Cost
-Paid Amount
-Commission by Employee
-Professional / Salesperson

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