Jobs Reports

Report: Billable Parts

What This Report Does:
Generates a list of parts by the billable party within a specified date range

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following options to filter your search results:

  • From / To Date – Select the designated time frame to generate the report from
  • Billable – Select the billable field to filter by. This can be Customer, Apply Later, Distributors, or Warranty Claim Processors within your ServiceWorks account

Once finished with your selections, click Run Report to continue

Once generated, you will be able to view the following information within the report:

  • Item – Displays the name of the item
  • Description – Displays the text within the item’s “Description” field
  • Billable To – Displays the name of the billable party
  • Cost – Displays the item’s internal costs
  • Price – Displays the item’s sale price
  • Qty – Displays the amount of the item on the invoice
  • Total Cost – Displays the total internal cost of the item
  • Total Price – Displays the total sales price of the item (other charges and taxes included)
  • Serial – Displays the item’s assigned serial number (if applicable)
  • Invoice Date – Displays the date on which the item was added to an invoice
  • Invoice Number – Displays the invoice number the item was added to
  • Customer – Displays the name of the customer on the invoice.

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