Receiving Purchase Order Made Easy With Service Works Pro

ServiceWorks 2.0 enables you to receive purchase order items by scanning directly from your mobile device. You don’t need additional scanner.

First search for your PO, by selecting PO#, Job #, Part#, Vendor Order # or Vendor name. In the search result you will see a list of PO with the matching search criteria. I will show the current status of the PO

  1. Pending
  2. Partially Received
  3. Received

Click on a PO to receive the items under it. This will display all the items under that PO and the status of the received items.

You can click on the scan icon on top right to receive PO for the whole order, or you can select a particular item and receive it. Choice is yours!.

In the receiving page , scan items or select up arrow to increase count. Enter Serial number for Serialized item, suggested bin number will be displayed. You can pick the suggested bin or enter your own. Then select Receive item. This will take you back to the Purchase Order Items page with updated count of the items. Don’t forget to click save PO to sync the changes to the server.

Get ServiceWorks Pro from App Store or Play Store.