Release Notes

Release 02.19.2020

Add Processing Fee

For credit card processing you have to incur the processing fee for the transaction. ServiceWorks gives you the option to transfer the processing fee to your customer.

Navigate to Payment Gateway -> Sphere. Currently processing fee transfer is supported for Sphere only.

You can set two types of processing fee

  1. Percent: Percent of the transaction. That means if you have 2.85% processing fee and you had $100 transaction then the system will automatically add $2.95 to the transaction and charge customer $102.95.
  2. Fixed: This is a fixed fee irrespective of transaction amount. Every transaction will change this value. So if I set Fixed Fee as 25 cents, for every transaction this amount will be additionally charged.

Where can I see Processing fee charged?

The processing fee will be added to the job as “Other Charge” called “Credit Card Processing Fee”.

If you pay an invoice multiple times, the processing fee will be accumulated under one charge called Processing Fee.

When will the processing fee take effect?

  1. When you send an external payment link to the customer
  2. When you process credit card from new job page
  3. When you process credit card from POS page
  4. When automatic invoice processing happens for card on file
  5. When you bulk process invoice.
Note: Currently the processing fee doesn't work for Customer A/R payment 

Can I edit the Processing Fee?

No, the processing fee is calculated based on your setup and you can’t edit the processing fee. If you change your processing fee , then the next transaction will pickup the updated processing fee value.

Custom Fields in Instant Booking Page

Your customer can select all the services they need on step 1

If you have any custom field defined for job then those field will show up in the 3rd step.