Jobs Tutorial

Re-order Jobs in Optimization

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We have added the ability for you to re-order the jobs directly in the optimization page. After running your regular optimization if you need to drag and drop similar time frame jobs, you can easily do that.

We have color coded AM, PM and All-day jobs, so that you can easily identify the types of job you have without needing to leave the page.

Color Code

  • Yellow – AM
  • Blue – PM
  • Grey – All Day

How to Optimize?

Pick the date you want to optimize and then select the technician you want to optimize the route for. You can also do multi-tech optimization, but in this scenario, we will elaborate the re-ordering options, which is possible only within single technician.

Click the Optimize button. If you have way more jobs than a technician can handle in a day, then the optimizer will show you warning and not optimize. If this happens you can manually assign jobs to another tech or you can use multi-tech optimization to distribute the jobs.

In this example we distributed the jobs between three tech and optimization shows the following. It’s 86 jobs optimized between 3 technicians for 3.46 miles. Now if you had to optimize this manually it would have taken hours to figure this out. SWAI makes it all possible to get the most optimal route distributed between your techs under 15 minutes and increases your productivity.

If you are happy with the route you can click, Accept. Without you Accepting the route, the optimization engine will not mark your jobs. Even after you click optimize you still have one more chance to change your decision.

You can remove any jobs you want from the optimized list if you want and click Proceed. This is the final step of completing the optimization. You will see all the jobs optimized and properly plotted in Map, Schedule board and route sheet.

After all of these if you still need to just re-order or change the position of one job you can do that from optimization screen. Just drag and drop the similar types of job and it will work. In this example we can move M Bison over Charlie Blanka or Clark Kent over Charles Cheese. If there are any specific time jobs in the mix Optimizer will not change the assignment time of that job, but it will consider that specific time job while moving other types around.