Inventory Tutorial

Purchase Order Management

ServiceWorks makes it easy for you to create purchase orders for all the parts you need. There are multiple ways you can create purchase orders.

Purchase Order from Job

In this example we have added 3 parts/items to a job. Select the check box under Create PO tab. and click the create PO button.

Note: Make sure the parts are saved before you can see the create PO check box.

The following purchase order will be ready for you to submit. You can change the Distributor, delivery site, add distributor order numbers and add notes for reference.

When you submit this Purchase Order, this will show up in the Purchase Order Grid page. With the status Pending

Receive Items for Purchase Orders

You can physically receive the items of this Purchase Order when it is shipped to your location. You can scan the barcode of the items and it will automatically fill the Quantity received. You can also allocate the bin number where these items are stored.

Purchase Order for Multiple Jobs

In the Parts Needed or Part Order page you will see all the items that are associated to a job and not available in your inventory listed in a grid. You will see important information in here about how many are in stock and how many you need to order for the job.

You can filter this list by Brand, Item Number, Customer, Professional, Job Number. Then you can select all the items in the filtered list and Click the Create PO button at the button of the grid to generate the Purchase Order.

Purchase Order for Low Inventory

In inventory items setup you can define the ROP and EOQ of every item for each location in your warehouse. In the following example the ROP is 4 and EOQ is 10. That means whenever your inventory drops below 4 this item will be available under Part Needed page list as ReOrder Point order.


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