Customer Tutorial

Primary and Sub Customer

In ServiceWorks, there are two tiers of customers that you can setup

  1. Primary Customer: These are the customer to who you provide service and is also responsible for billing. They can be responsible for the billing of sub customers
  2. Sub Customer: These are the customers to who you provide service but may not be responsible for their billing. Sub-customers can be responsible for their billing as well.

Example of Primary and Sub Customer

  1. Superior Lake Properties is a Primary Customer and all apartments within Superiors Lakes are Sub Customers.
  2. Office HQ is primary customer; all other locations are sub customers

How to Setup Primary Customer

Go to Customer -> Customers Menu. And click Create Customer. Fill in the details and make sure the Address Type is either Both or you have a separate billing and customer address.

How to Setup Sub Customer

Go to Customer -> Customers Menu. And click Create Customer. Make sure the sub customer check box is on and you have selected a pre-defined customer as parent. Make sure to select whether this sub customer is Bill To Self or Bill to Parent. You will notice if this sub customer is Bill To Parent the Billing address is automatically set to parent’s billing address.

View the Primary and Sub Customer

Navigate to Customer-> primary Customer and you will see all the Primary customers with or without sub customers. The grid will show how many sub customers these primary ones have.

Click on the show sub customer from the three-dot link and you will land on the sub customer list page. You can edit, view and see the history of these sub customers from the three-dot menu. You can also filter the sub customer by the product they have.

Customer Portal for Primary Customer

Primary customer can see the summary of their account from customer portal.

They can create service request for themselves and their sub customer.

They can view the service history of all the service request generated by them.

They can view the payment history and make payment from the customer portal.