Mobile App Tutorial

Stay in Sync between Mobile App and Web

ServiceWorks Pro is a powerful app that handles offline transaction. You can create job, add new customer, en route to a job, complete a job, add service items, add parts , get signature and many actions in offline mode. Then when you are connected all data will sync to the server automatically. Or you can force sync by clicking on the red circle on Job detail page or going to Manual Data Sync – Sync Data.

Here we will write all the actions that you can or can’t do while in offline.


  1. Add/Update/Cancel Job
  2. Add /Update Customer
  3. Add/Update Schedule
  4. Reschedule
  5. Add/Update Assignment
  6. Add/Update Product
  7. Add/Update Item from your own inventory
  8. Update Forms
  9. Update Item Price
  10. Add/Update Other Charges
  11. Add/Update Service performed
  12. Add/Update Notes
  13. Collect Signature
  14. Process Cash payment
  15. Process Check Payment
  16. Process On Account Payment
  17. Upload content (photo or doc)


  1. Receive PO
  2. Create Purchase Order
  3. Search item for 3rd party inventory ( like Marcone)
  4. Process Credit Card Payment

When does the sync happen?

The two way sync between your phone and server happens every 3 minutes for transaction data (like job, estimation etc) if you are connected to the internet.

The configuration data is synced every 12 hours .

What are these configuration data?

  1. Call type
  2. Job Type
  3. Call Source
  4. Reschedule Type
  5. Price List.
  6. Product Family
  7. Location Type
  8. Location
  9. Manufacturer / Brand
  10. Distributor
  11. Time Range
  12. Disclaimers
  13. Discount
  14. Taxes

If you want to force sync some of the above data , please go to More -> Manual Data Sync -> Down Load data to get everything fresh from server into your phone.