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Service Works Route Optimization

Service Works Autonomous Dispatch and Routing seamlessly manages around day-of issues, keeps operations teams and customers in the know at every step of the delivery journey. This simplifies the delivery operations and save hours each day. It makes it easy to optimize multiple driver routes, keep customers updated and track your drivers. Service Works Route optimization is smart to calculate the optimized route.

Build Routes Faster

Do you have a list of jobs and list of techs? Service Works optimization will take into account the proximity. skills and traffic conditions and generate the perfect route for multiple techs for multiple jobs.

Driver Tracking

Track the location of your tech in real time. See where they’ve been, if they followed the planned route, where they are now and where they are going in real time.

After the optimization you can see the planned route in Real Time Map.

Route History

You can not only see the driver’s in real time, you can also see the history of their routes for the previous days. You can have their route history to audit and improve job allocation.

Time Window/ Priority

You can allocate jobs in AM/PM time slots and reserve the spots during those time slots. Rest of the jobs will be optimized based on proximity, skills, traffic condition and zones.

Optimization Techniques

There are multiple ways you can achieve your optimization goal. The key factor is when you create jobs make sure the jobs are either All Day jobs or a AM/PM jobs.

Jobs that are on specific time or set to a time range will not be included in optimization

The following lists highlights some of the techniques of optimization.

Multi-Zone Optimization

Do you operate in multiple locations and multiple zones? No worries! Service Works handles multi-zone optimization with techs allocated to different zone with a click of a button.

When you filter by zone, all the techs of that particular zone will only be seen. And all the jobs for the particular zone will be visible. If you are wondering where did your job go after filtering by zone, please check the Job zone and Tech zone.

How does this work?

Imagine you have three techs Chris, John and Bill. And prior to optimization they has 2,5,8 jobs assigned respectively. For multi-zone optimization if these 3 techs are of different zone and they had different zone jobs assigned to them, then at the end of the optimization the jobs will be allocated to the matching zone employee first. If there are more than one matching techs for the same zone then the jobs will be distributed between those techs. In this situation you really don’t have to think much, you can just land on the optimization page and Click optimize.

Single Tech Optimization

Do you just want to get optimized route and not change tech allocations? Service Works can do that too. You can define starting point for each tech and generate the optimized route in minutes.

Optimize by Job Type

You can only optimize certain types of jobs which is defined in the Job Type. This will help to group jobs together of certain service type if you offer multiple services.

If you have 5 jobs for different Job types assigned to Chris and then you filter by Job Type, only those relevant jobs will show up. Then you can optimize only these jobs.

Optimize by Skills

Go to your Company User settings. Pick the professional you want to edit for skills. If you want this professional to be able to work on all jobs then make sure Serves All Products is checked.

If you want this professional to work on only certain type of jobs as he has skills to fix only certain equipment then add the appropriate products he has skills to work on. Also set their skill level in a scale of 1 to 5. Optimization will take into account their skill and skill level while allocating jobs.

If you don’t have Product Family already set, please go to Product Family Setup. Please read more about product family.

How does this work?

Imagine you have two professionals. Chris and David. Chris can do All and David can only work on Electrical Cooktop. Now if you have jobs that requires skill set for anything but Electrical Cooktop, David won’t be considered for these jobs during optimization, but Chris will be.

Optimize By Starting Points

Pre optimization you can see all the jobs in the map and in the list under the tech. You can click anywhere in the map to set the starting point for this tech.

In this example you can see the first job prior to optimization is for Trek Derek

If you enter a starting point near job5 then after optimization the route will be recalculated.

Manual Optimization

There may be a time when you have a customer call in the morning and say they want you to come during the evening and not morning. What do you do? Service Works can handle this situation also. You optimize the job as you would including the problem job. And then after Accepting the route plan, you would simply move the job to where ever you see fit. After the moving there is no need to run optimization any more.

When you move jobs , the assignment time is auto adjusted for all the jobs but the order of the job is maintained.

Route Sheet

After optimization you can print your route sheet by day and tech from here.

Read about SWAI – Service Works Artificial Intelligence.


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