Using A Saved Route

Your business often has repeat customers scheduled for similar days in the future. So, if you have already optimized the route of the group of customers why should you need to do that again? ServiceWorks makes it easy for you to save a route and apply the same route to a future date. Once you have applied the saved route, the only thing you need to do is modify any additional jobs that was added or minor changes that has to happen.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to save and use saved routes within the ServiceWorks Software

In order to create a new route, you’ll need to start by saving an optimized route. To do so, hover over the Jobs tab in the toolbar and select Optimize

In the optimization menu, select a technician from the list whose route you wish to optimize and click Optimize

After you complete the route optimization and accept it, click the Save as New Route Sheet button on the top right.

A popup menu will appear, and it will ask you to save the name of your route that you can use in the future as a template. You can name the new route sheet anything that will help you understand the uniqueness of this route sheet.

Once finished with naming the route, click Save. You can run this saved route on the same date or different date and see the difference. If you run it for the same date, there should be no difference as you just now optimized.

Now that you’ve created your saved routes, you’re ready to put them to use! You can run a route from two places: from the Optimization screen or from the Route Sheet. Both options will work as far as running saved routes are concerned, so which one you decide to use is primarily up to your personal preference

From the Route Sheet

Navigate to the route sheet by hovering over the Jobs section of the toolbar and clicking Route Sheet

In the route sheet menu, click Run Saved Route

a pop up like below where you need to select the date on which date you want to run the saved route.

Next, select the saved route from the dropdown list in the upper left hand corner

You should see a result like this below for running the saved route on the same day. Make sure to select the exact saved route name from the drop down.

If the date where you are running the saved route differs, then you will see a result like the one below.

There are 4 exceptions that you may need to fix.

  • New Customers: You may have new customers in the new date that you may not had in your saved route. You will need to move the customers to the correct sequence.
  • Address Mismatch: The service address in the new date may differ from what you had in your saved route. Please move the job where it should belong.
  • Inactive Professional: The new date may have the same customers, but different professional assigned. You need to assign correct professional to these jobs.

When you are happy with all your fixes, the jobs will move under Optimized tab. Your task is to make sure the job count under all jobs equals to the job count under Optimized.

You can save this modification and update the saved route with this data by clicking the blue Save Route button, or you can save this as new route by clicking the grey Save As New Route Button.

From the Optimization menu

To run saved routes from the optimization screen, hover over the Jobs tab and select Optimization

From the optimization menu, click Run Saved Route in the upper right hand corner

In the following popup, select a date to run the saved route on

Next, select the saved route name from the dropdown list in the upper left hand corner

Once selected, your results should appear similar to the results below. Make any edits to this menu in regards to your current route, and click Save when finished

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