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Old Man Winter Is On His Way

Old man winter is on his way. If you are operating a business in one of the colder areas in this season this blog can help you handle that easily without messing with recurrences and then having to resent those job recurrences.

Our first step is to set up an appropriate job status. Go to configuration settings > job settings > Job Status

On this page create a status of Winter Break, Winter Season, Vacation, etc, whatever it is that will work for you. In this example, we have set up Winter Season and have given it an icy blue color, just for fun.

That is the hard part all done.

Next, we are going to go to, the all jobs page. Using the date range selector set the dates of your seasonal outage. In this example, we chose November 1st to February 15th. Now click the Search button.

Now all of the jobs are listed that fall in that time frame, you may have to use the “Items to show” box if you have quite a few. In this example, there are 370 jobs affected so we will need to use the “Items to show” box to show them all. We will select the 500 option.

If you have more than 500 jobs you may have to repeat these steps.

You can see the jobs below are in a few different statuses currently.

Click the box next to “Ticket Number” at the top of the column. All jobs should now have a check box in front of them.

Next, go to the “Action” button at the top of the page and click the “Change Job Status” option

In the next box, we are going to select the new job status that you created. In this example, it will be Winter Season.

And click “Save”

Gears will whirl for a bit while all of your jobs are updated.

You can now see that all of these jobs are in winter season status

Since the job status is not Scheduled or prepay your customer will not get any appt reminders.

Since the job status is not Completed or Prepay their card will not be charged, and the monies will not show up in your reports as income.

Any jobs outside of these dated criteria are still valid and ready to go. In this example, we stopped on February 15th. If there is a job on February 16th it is still scheduled and ready to go.

Instant Booking Page

If you are using your instant booking page, it will probably need to be prepped for your winter break as well.

You have 2 options:

Option 1:

If you want to close down completely for the winter:

If you have a website that is directing your customers to your SW instant booking page,  you can update your website to show that you are closed for the season, if they disregard your note and still try to sign up, we can redirect them to your main page so they again see your closed message. Please contact us for this option.


Option 2:

Information collecting.

Instant Booking Settings go to Configuration Settings> Job Settings> Instant booking and then click on the pencil icon next to your active Instant Booking site.

Click on the Schedule tab and empty the field and turn off the toggles. You may want to capture the screen to save the information. But it will need to be cleared for this event.

Once that is done, your instant booking will be available to basically capture information for your future customers who are looking into getting service when the Winter season is over.

Alternatively, you can also create a new Instant booking page specifically for winter break. Your web admin would only need the new URL to put on your website. This would then redirect your customers to your new “Winter’ instant booking page, and no need to delete information from your current page as above.

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