Invoice Charges

Within the Invoice Charges section of ServiceWorks, you can configure the settings for your financial charges, other charges, and how your invoices are displayed. Here’s a brief walkthrough of how to view and utilize these settings within your account:

To begin, click on the cogwheel icon in the toolbar to open the Configuration tab and navigate to Configuration → Invoice Settings → Invoice Charges

Upon opening the Invoice Charges menu, you’ll have the following options:

Finance Charge

You can create finance charges to add to invoices for a variety of reasons. Within this section is where you can view, edit, and delete any finance charges within your ServiceWorks account. To create a new finance charge, click the New Finance Charge button

Once clicked, a popup should now appear with the following entry fields:

  • Days Old – Enter the number of days old a job ticket has to be before finance charges will appear on the invoice
  • Percentage – Set a percentage amount for the created finance charge
  • Amount – Set a flat fee amount for the created finance charge

    (Note: Both the Percentage & Amount fields must be filled in before you can save the finance charges. The system will use whichever amount is larger when applying the charges.)

Other Charge

You can use this section to create, edit, and delete custom invoice charges. Often times, we see this used as a space to incur an extra fee for services, special items, credit card processing fees, etc. To create a new charge, click the New Other Charge button

In the following popup, you can set a name, default price, and a description for your newly created charge

Other Option

In the Other Option panel, you can use the toggles provided to enable the following:

  • Itemized Invoice – Have your invoices appear as a breakdown of each product or service with its cost, allowing clients to see a detailed list of charges
  • Fixed Price Invoicing – Fixed price invoicing charges a set amount for a specific product or service, ensuring a clear and unchanging billing structure
  • Rollup Invoice – Rollup invoicing consolidates multiple items or services into a single, summarized charge, simplifying billing for clients by presenting a combined total.
  • Add Financial Charges – Determine whether to apply your financial charges to created invoices
  • Add Tips – Allows for the tip collection module to be visible during invoice payments

When satisfied with your changes, click Save to continue.

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