Using Product Custom Fields

Within the ServiceWorks software, you now have the ability to add custom fields to the products section to gather additional information about your items and services offered. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to set up and properly use this new feature:

How To Set Up Product Custom Fields

To begin, use the cogwheel icon to open up the configuration tab and navigate to Configuration -> Inventory Settings -> Product Additional Information

Once in the Product Additional Information window, click on the Add New button

In the following popup window, you’ll be presented with the following options for editing your custom field

  • Label Name – Use this field to name your created custom field
  • Input Data Type – Use this section to select the data type for your custom field. You can select between dropdown, checkbox, radio button, date, and textbox

Once finished with your selection, click Save to continue.

Now that your new custom field has been created, it should now be visible in within the list in the previous window. You’ll also have the option to edit and delete created fields with the icons on the right

Applying Product Custom Fields

Once you’ve setup your desired field within your account, you’ll be able to access your product custom fields while in a job or estimation ticket

While in a job or estimation ticket, scroll down to the Products section

Next, click the See Additional Information link

And now at the bottom of the list, you can see the previously created custom product field from earlier in the tutorial

There are no limits to the amount of custom fields you can create nor the amount of text you can input into those fields, so feel free to customize this per your business needs

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