Taxable Inventory Items

If you want to tax only particular items, you can now set only certain items to be taxed.

Go to inventory>item>hover over three 3 dots for that item and click ‘edit’ to open up the item you want to tax.

You will now notice there’s a box labeled “taxable.”

Now, for example, if we go into a new job and add the item, the tax amount does not show and the taxable box next to the item in the job remains unchecked.

But, what if you want the item to show as taxable?

Let’s pull up another item as an example and pay attention to the item number for reference.

With this one the box is selected as “taxable.”

If you avert your attention back to the job at hand, you will now notice that the other item we just added to the job has the taxable box checked now.

Keep in mind that when you add parts from the job to inventory, the taxable box will be checked.