Inventory Reports

Report: Current Inventory

What This Report Does:
Generates a list of your current inventory values

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following options for filtering your search:

  • Item Number – Filter results by the assigned item’s number
  • Location – Filter your search by the configured inventory locations
  • Brand – Filter results by the item’s associated brand
  • Stock – Filter results by the stock levels: All, Negative, or Zero
  • Hide Zero Quantity On Hand – Use this toggle to exclude items with a quantity of zero from the report

Once satisfied with your selections, click Run Report to continue

Once generated, you will be able to view the following information within the report:

  • Brand – Displays the assigned brand for the inventory item
  • Item# – Displays the item’s assigned number
  • Description – Displays the text within the Item Description field
  • Location – Displays the item’s current inventory location
  • Quantity on Hand – Displays the current inventory quantity for the item
  • Quantity on Order – Displays the current number of the item that are currently on order
  • Reserved Quantity – Displays the amount of each item that is currently reserved for a pending invoice
  • ROP – Displays the item’s configured reorder point quantity
  • EOQ – Displays the item’s configured economic order quantity
  • Purchase Cost – Displays the internal purchase price for the item
  • Sales Price – Displays the external cost of the item
  • Replacement Cost – Displays the total amount of the cost of an item’s replacement
  • Note – Displays text entered in the item’s Note field

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