Instant Booking

Instant Booking – Banner

This is part of the Instant Booking tutorial series. To start from the beginning of the series, click HERE

In the banner tab, we’ll go over what can be added with this portion of the instant booking page:

  • Banner – Lets you upload a banner image for your instant booking webpage. This banner will appear at the top of your instant booking page.
  • Text – Input text to go along with your banner here. This text will display similar to a tagline directly underneath the banner. Be aware that there is a character limit of 150, so try to make sure your desired text falls within that number count. You can also use the Display Text toggle to enable or disable the text on the page.

Once finished with your entries, click Save to log your changes.

(Note: Be sure to save after making any changes within the instant booking page, as it will not remind you to do so or save the changes if you leave the page)

Click here to continue along with the tutorial


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