Inventory Tutorial

How You Can Mass Markup Your Inventory

Pricing your product can be an intensive time commitment but ServiceWorks makes it easier. This tutorial will go over two ways you can mark up your inventory. The parts can easily be marked up by brand or descriptors and they can be marked up with the use of multiple column pricing

Markup by brand and descriptors.

Go to Order-> Markup on the ribbon menu located at the top of the screen

Clicking Markup will bring you to the Markup Page.

Within this page you will be able to raise prices for items  in your inventory individually or by bulk.   

In this example we chose the Wpl band and limited the selection of items by their price.
  • Enter your brand abbreviation into the Brand search bar. 
    • This will pull up all items listed in that category. 
    • You will be able to further filter with price, and description. 
    • You can also select all if it applies. 
  • Once all the items have been selected under the criteria you want, enter in the Markup Description and Markup Percentage in the appropriate boxes below the selected inventory. 
  • Hit save once your information is entered correctly into each field.  

You will find your new markup listed as a rule on the Markup Page. If you wish to edit this at any time you can simply press EDIT option under actions menu on the right. 

The new Markup takes on the description and percentage as the Markup title

Markup by Column Pricing

Column Pricing is handy because you will be able to easily assign customers into different levels of pricing. This method works best when you have price levels for a group of customers or have different customer pricing tiers. One example where this can come into play is if you have lower pricing for grandfathered customers. Column Pricing is an easy solution that will allow you to automate your grandfathered customers into the correct tier of pricing.   

Column pricing is controlled in two parts. The first control is within the inventory item itself. The second control is assigning the correct column to your customer.

1.) Control Prices in Inventory

  • You can set up column pricing when you first update your inventory item into ServiceWorks. If you want to edit information for an existing product you can go to Inventory -> Item. 
  • Find the item you want to change 
  • Click the three dots under Action for that line item. 
  • Click Edit in the drop down menu that appears. 

After clicking Edit, it will lead you to the Inventory Item page. You will find the Default Sales Price and the additional column pricing under Selling Manager. This is going to be the same page you see when you enter an item in ServiceWorks.  

  • Enter the price you like for each column.  
  • The save button  will be on the bottom right. 
  • You will always be able to go back and adjust the pricing for each column. 

2.) Choose the correct column for your customer

You will be able to set up a customer’s column when adding them to ServiceWorks . To change which column pricing your customer receives go to Customer->Customers 

  • Search the customer you wish to change 
  • Once found click the three dot menu under Action 
  • Choose Edit from the dropdown menu 
  • Once you are on the Add/Edit Customer page scroll down to the Settings section. 
  • Check the Active box so that column pricing applies to the customer. 
  • Select the correct column you want your customer to be priced under in the drop down menu of Settings. 
  • Once you have adjusted the customer to correct settings you will be able to save by pushing the bottom right button. 
  • Anytime you change the pricing in the inventory under a column, it will adjust the price for all customers that have that column assigned to them.