How to Send Survey to Customer

Easily  configure simple or multi-step surveys to collect feedback, evaluations from your customers.

Create Survey Form

Go to Configuration (service.works) Create new Form. Select Survey Form as the Form Type.

Enter your questions. Select the answer options in the form of multiple choice, radio button, text field, paragraph or date.

You can even group questions by defining sections.

When you are finished just save the form. You can preview the form as well by clicking the preview button.

Send Survey

Create a new job or pick an existing job and open it in edit mode. You will find a Survey Form box on the right panel.

Click Search Form and select one or more survey forms that you want to send and hit Save.

Now the form is associated with the job. You can now use any notification template to embed the Survey Form link to collect feedback from customer.

{SurveyLink} is the key to add to your template.

Preferable you should use the Job Complete template, but you can use any other template if you chose. Now if your automated notification is set then the email will go out automatically on job completion. Or you can send the notification manually as well.

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