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Integrating Stripe with ServiceWorks

Here’s a blog post on how to correctly set up your ServiceWorks account with Stripe:

Setting Up Your Stripe Account

Use the cogwheel in the upper right corner to open the Configurations tab

From there, navigate to Configuration -> Payment Gateway to view all available payment gateways. Beneath the Stripe logo, click the button that says Connect with Stripe

In the following menu, you’ll be asked to enter your email address to continue creating your account. (Note, if you’ve already set up your account in Stripe, feel free to skip to the next section).

If this is your first time creating an account with Stripe, you’ll be asked to enter such information as your company’s address, the type of commerce your company does, and the ability to link a bank account for your stripe transactions. When finished, click on the Continue button to move on

Now that your Stripe account has been created, you can select between your active accounts to integrate with ServiceWorks. Once your account has been selected, click Connect to continue.

Once finished, you should be brought back to the Stripe setup screen, from which you can do the following:

  • Enable the card for processing fees, choosing either a Percentage or Flat Fee amount.
  • Enable the payment gateway for new transactions via web or mobile app
  • Enable the types of cards you want to accept for both payment and zero dollar authorizations.

    Once you’re satisfied with your changes, click Save to record your settings.

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