Estimation Email Template

The Estimation Email Template can be configured to alter the email message sent to customers upon the completion of an estimate. Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to access and edit this template within the ServiceWorks software

To begin, click the cogwheel icon on the toolbar to open the Configuration tab and navigate to Configuration → Estimation Settings → Estimation Email Template

Within the Estimation Email Template section, you can edit the email that gets sent to your customer whenever an estimate has been created.

The Enabled Automated Notification checkbox indicates that these emails are active within your ServiceWorks account. You can use the From Email Address and Email Subject fields to edit both the email address the message is being sent from and the text for the subject of the sent emails.

To preview your current template configuration, type the estimate number in to the field next to the Preview button and click the button to view a draft of what your customers will see

Within the template body for the estimation email, you can use dynamic data text to customize the email messages being sent. You can use the toolbar to access various formatting options, as well as use the legend on the right-hand side to view the dynamic text that is available for this template

With the Text & Robocall templates, you can also create a message to be sent via text or phone call. Click the Enabled Automated Notification checkbox on either template to activate automation. You can also preview these messages by entering the estimate number in the Preview field and then clicking the button.

Note: The robocall template has a limit of 160 characters; please keep that in mind when creating your messages.

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