How to Change Customer Addresses

Let’s say you have a customer who, after years of service at the same address, decides to move. You then go into your ServiceWorks and update their address, only to see that all of the jobs within the customer’s history has replaced that old address with the new one. What happened??

Here’s a simple answer: ServiceWorks assigns each customer’s service history by the customer address. This tutorial will guide you through both ways of adding a new address the correct way, so that all previous jobs still display under the addresses they were serviced at.

From the Customer View

Hover over Customer in the toolbar and select Customers to enter the Customer View. In the Customer View, hover over the 3 dots on the customer that you want and click Edit

Once in the Customer Edit screen, click on Add New Address within the Address section. Once selected, an empty address field will appear under the previous address. Enter in the new address information and be sure to set the ‘Type’ for the new address as ‘Both’. This will ensure that the system books and bills future appointments to the new address.

(Note: if the customer is a sub-customer, you’ll need to set the Type as ‘Customer Address’ instead)

Once finished, be sure to click Save.

Now when you look into the history for this customer, any new jobs come up under the new address while still maintaining the history of service from the old address

From The Job Creation Menu

To achieve this from the Job Creation menu, in the Job edit menu, click on Add New Address within the Address section. Use the empty field to enter the new address and be sure to set the ‘Type’ for the new address as ‘Both’. Be sure to click Save when you’re finished.

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