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Customer Management

ServiceWorks offers you a very customizable customer database management platform. You can import data from other source or input it yourself. You can search the customer by various search criteria and create estimation or jobs for them easily.

Customer Lead Status

Customers can be classified by the lead status which is defined by you. You can define the lead status in Configuration. The following pic shows you the lead summary for Appointment Scheduled, came in from Flyer Ad etc.

Customer Details

Enter the First Name, Last Name or Company Name of the customer. Add their emails, if there are multiple emails you can enter comma separated list. Enter their primary and secondary phone number. All the information in this section is used as a customer contact information.

Customer Address

In the address section you need to enter the Billing Address and Customer Address of your customer. If both are same you can chose Both as their address type. But you can’t have Billing and Both or Customer address and Both. For each customer there can be one Billing Address , One Customer Address or One Both. If there are other address for your customer you can keep them as Address Type None, but these address will not be associated with that job. However if you create a new job and pull the customer information all the address will populate and you can chose which one to mark as Billing, Customer and None.

Multi Unit Property Customer

So, if you have customer as an Apartment Complex with 16 units in it and the Billing address is always the Apartment Headquarter, how do you store the information? You create multiple address line for the units and keep the Billing Address for the Head Quarter.

When you create a new job for this customer , you can change the customer address to a different address.

When you save the job only the Billing and Customer will stay associated with the job and others will not be there. It will look like following:

It doesn’t mean all other None type addresses are gone, it will still be there with the customer, just not for this job.

Sub Customer

If your billable to address is the same but you have multiple sub customer under it, then while setting up the customer you need to use the sub customer feature. The below example Club Doctor is a parent customer. We set up their customer details and address as Both.

Then we go and create sub customers for Club Doctor. Check the is Sub Customer checkbox and then search for the Parent Company and select the parent. When you select the Parent company , you have two options for Bill To. It can Bill with Parent or Bill with Self.

Bill To Parent

If it is Bill with Parent, you will notice that the Bill to Address automatically gets added and all you have to set is the Customer Address for this customer. Now any job you create for this sub customer the Bill to will be it’s parent. However you have option to change the Bill to at the job level.

Bill To Self

For Bill with Self option you need to set both Billing and Customer address or both.

Your customer can have their own portal to keep track of their jobs, raise service request and even pay bill. Read more about Customer Portal.


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