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Setup On Demand Delivery Network with ServiceWorks

If you want a perfect combination of quality and speed of delivery, then you might think of on-demand express delivery services whether it is food delivery, shopping delivery, and more. These new services are flourishing with a mission to boost traditional home delivery system.

Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, DoorDash, and more start-ups are currently expanding the market easily since the on-demand economy has emerged. For example, the needs to get fast transport, housing, or even shopping groceries. The traditional delivery business model is being upset by start-ups like these.

How ServiceWorks Can Help You

Every business focused on growth needs to focus on balancing finances, promoting quality products and improving relationships with the public. These are essential actions for success, but they must also work together with another central measure: to increase sales.

If your company must coordinate delivery routes, then you are interested in knowing tools that allow you to improve the administration of the same.

An efficient vehicle routing planning requires precise technological tools to reduce the uncertainty produced by variables such as customer demand or traffic.

With a routing system that feeds real-time information about the weather, traffic, required documentation and the availability and location of your fleet, you can improve the productivity of your company and offer a better service to your customer.

This type of tools will also allow you to measure the results of fleet actions in real time to measure or evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits for local food business

As many people prefer to eat in the comfort of home or do not want to waste time moving to the restaurant, snack bar or other local food business, it is essential to offer a quick delivery service. Even so in fast-food outlets, whose customers expect the order to be ready in no time.

Therefore, it is worth analyzing delivery solutions or expresses delivery systems to please even more consumers and rely on a relevant sales channel.

Some delivery applications use the data they collected to help expand their restaurant partners. This way, they can minimize the cost of restaurant delivery, yet improve business productivity. Unfortunately, not all applications out there is completed with Inventory report, Purchase Order, Jobs and POS service in one platform.

Why ServiceWorks?

ServiceWorks offers the full end-to-end solutions for Delivery Management including Inventory, Purchase Order, Jobs and POS. ServiceWorks also provides the best algorithm for route optimization considering the skills of the drivers, location of the job and availability of drivers. Plus ServiceWorks have the job broadcasting feature which many other platforms does not have. For using ServiceWorks you don’t need any additional hardware, it works on every device.

It is about delivery service – and more about saving costs by having on-demand drivers on your network. You can also use ServiceWorks as a platform to connect, monitor all delivery jobs and more while optimizing routes for them

With ServiceWorks you can delivery of any goods – Food, Furniture and Mattress, Flower, Construction Material, Appliances. Join us today, and boost your business revenue!