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How to Start Handyman Service with ServiceWorks

Starting a handyman or home repair business is a fairly low start up cost endeavour as you can get started with one person operation. It can be very profitable (think six figure income), low risk, You can work for yourself, and most importantly, you can enjoy it.

Since you are interested in starting a home repair business, you are probably handy and possess most of the skills required, or at least enough handyman skills to get started.  You do not need to have a ton of construction experience and know how to do everything.  If you have the desire to help people, can work well with your hands, and can solve common problems with a home, that’s all you really need.

What services will you offer?

You need to start by listing down your handyman skills and specially highlight the skills that make you happy. For being successful in this business you will need motivation and that will come from if you enjoy doing what you do.

License is required for certain trades and the laws governing these licenses vary in each state.  Make sure to check your state laws before offering or advertising for any home repair services.

Another thing to consider when deciding what services to offer is your target customer, which leads to the next step.

Who is your target customer?

There are two things to consider while choosing your target customer. Who needs home repair? Are they going to pay for it? Also you need to be comfortable and enjoy working with your potential customer. When you have identified the target audience, you need to research on finding their shopping habits- like where do they go if they need help? There are many sites and social media options these days where customers look for handyman services. You need to not only expand your reach physically, you need to be found digitally as well.

Set up your Shop and Brand

Now that you have identified your potential customers and the type of service you are willing to offer, it’s time to get to action.

  1. Choose a name for your home repair business.
  2. Choose a business structure for your handyman business.
  3. Open a business bank account.
  4. Have a logo designed.  It helps you look professional and helps your customers remember you.
  5. Get some business cards and begin handing them out right away.
  6. Set up a business address separate from your home address.
  7. Get some liability insurance if necessary.
  8. Sign up for ServiceWorks account

Market your Service

This is where you will spend the majority of your time during the first couple of months in business.  Just because you set up this awesome & well branded business doesn’t mean that phone calls are going to immediately start pouring in.  People don’t know you exist and it’s time to let them know.

Being part of the ServiceWork network you will be automatically be exposed to all the customers visiting the Digital Media of ServiceWork. ServiceWorks promote your business twice a month for FREE for just being part of the network.

Operation of your business

Service Works gives you the full platform for operating your business in the lowest cost. You can schedule maintenance work, process payment, generate estimation, send invoice, get customer feedback all under the same platform. Service Works will help you focus on your work that you do best, and make the chores of the business easier and time saving.

Bonus from ServiceWorks

If you need to setup your digital presence , Service Works can help you with that too. We offer website design, logo design, SEO everything on request.

Now that you have an idea on how to get started it’s time to do it. You do your business and ServiceWorks help you to grow and optimize it.