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Service Works Standalone Accounting Capabilities

Service Works being a complete field management software, provides seamless accounting capabilities. Plus, it also comes with the added advantage of integration with Quickbooks online and desktop to lend your business that additional support or continuity to take care of your complex accounting scenarios.

In service works, you can maintain and track all the transactions to set your business in order. Follow the progress of each process from creation to completion. The values are reflected from the work orders or estimate you generate. You can list out your service items, associate your inventory which comprises of your product or items, allocate prices, additional charges or your expenses/cost on the job.

Simply put, at the end of the day, you can easily track who needs to pay you and who you need to pay.

Estimates & Work Orders

Business call it bids, estimates, proposals or quotes and we call it Estimates!! Create estimates just like a normal work order. We have custom templates for Estimates in the most professional look with your company logo and header. You can email estimates to your customer with an embedded link where they can review and approve it. When the customer approves; the system updates the activity log and notifies the admin. The All-Estimation page lists out all the estimations generated in the system with the respective statuses they are on- New, Pending Approval or Approved. All approved estimates can be converted to work orders and later on to an invoice once the job is completed. You can also get estimates approved personally and accept mobile signatures for that.

Products and Services

Once your work orders are set, schedules are created and your team is dispatched. The price about product, service or other charges keeps adding up until the job is completed. At the point of job completion, the invoices are generated and it can be automatically sent to customers by email. We have three kinds of Invoice. Regular, Itemized and Roll up. Learn more about Invoicing.


Customers on big projects where the job completion takes a prolonged period of time or you create several work orders over the period of a month and want to send a consolidated statement to your customer, you can benefit from the monthly statements of Service Works. Monthly Statements can be emailed to keep track of payment total, paid and balance. Plus you can add financial charges for 30,60 or 90 days late payments.

Customer A/R

Customer A/R reflects all open invoices awaiting payments from customers. It handles partial and full payment of invoices. Once you receive the payments you can close the respective open invoices and update the system accordingly. There are many ways you can process or record payments in ServiceWorks; Card, Cash, EFT, Check and On account.


Our invoice module keeps track of all invoice by statuses. Paid or Due (On your customer profile you can maintain a term say No: of days from the invoice date within which the payment has to be made. If the customer defaults payments they can be charged with a late payment fee.) Invoices can be printed, downloaded or emailed to the concerned persons at any point and any number of times. You can generate invoices in itemized or cumulative manner. The templates are provided in the most professional format with your company header and logo. When the customer receives the invoice by email, they can click Pay Now link from their email and complete the process. The payments are matched to the respective open invoices and systematically closed and updated.

Payment Processing & Gateways

Service Works handles payments on and off the field. Service Works supports payment methods by cash, credit, debit, check, on account and electronic transfer. We also facilitate credit card payments. We are integrated with Sphere, Square &

ServiceWorks Payments

For your payments handled through Service Works internal payment gateway with Sphere you get a reduced transaction fee of 2.85%+ 25 cents per transaction. Plus there is no monthly or set up fee. Just fill out the online form to get started. You can easily make the switch from or Square and save on gateway and processing fees


You can maintain taxes for multiple location and across states. For every tax there are two categories – Sales tax and Labor tax. You can associate the tax selection to a customer and this will be automatically reflected on your work order and proposals items (Service, Labor or Items). YOu can also change the tax category on different work orders. We run reports on Taxes and Sales tax for your periodical analysis.


Service, Items and Charges can have discount which can then reflect your on your invoices. You can setup multiple discount category and apply individual category to Service, Item or Charges. That means you can provide 10% discount on Service but 5% discount on parts – all under the same work order.


You can attach, upload or email documents, file or pictures and associate it with a job or estimate. Bills or any purchase/sales document of accounting nature for reference. We don’t automatically match or post the values to any transaction though. You can also associate any forms or checklists with respect to the job for future reference.

Distributor Payments

Apart from customers payments ServiceWorks also tracks the amount of money you need to pay the Distributors from where you ordered your inventory. You just create jobs, associate inventory items, and purchase order will be auto generated. You can see the outstanding payments you need to make when you receive those parts.

Billable Hours

ServiceWorks track employee time and billable hours. This is all system generated and has no way of erroring out. Your employee clicks Start Day button to start their day and the timer starts clicking. When the click the button End Day the time stops ticking. But SW not only tracks the work period it also tracks the driving time and time spent at the field. So depending on how you pay your employee – for only work time, or both field and driving time, we have you covered.

Mile Tracking

We have real time tracking of techs on route to job locations. You can have our app on any of your hand-held devices and login to the services. You can track your tech/ job locations, generate route sheets, optimize routes, figure out the best way to handle a day’s jobs based on their location, proximity and traffic conditions. You can view your tech live on the Map view of our system from anywhere. You can also check on the routing on the map at any later days.

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory module is quite robust and extensive. Create as many inventories you want in the system. It could be serialized or non-serialized with ROP and EOQ. You can track them by model and serial number and or you can go ahead with Barcode scanning etc. Upload pics of your inventory. The system maintains and track Purchase orders, PO receipt, resolutions and return, Inventory adjustments, Inventory locations, Manufactures, brands and distributers, payments.

Dashboard & Reports

Reports are generated to keep track of Service and payment history, Job costs, inventory and purchases. We can custom create you any reports that you want to maintain in your business. Just let us know the format and it take ideally a day or two depending on the complexity. We already have numerous reports in the system ideal for any business. You can filter, download, print and generate these reports on any period you want.

Dashboard reflects and track the health of your business with a bird’s eye view on your jobs, estimates, techs, invoices, sales and revenue all from the dash board. Also, we have listings of all your customers, jobs, estimates, inventory and invoices in their respective modules with statuses and filter and action points for your needs

Custom Fields

We provide option for custom fields that you can customize and maintain to be associated in the work order. You can add special field that you only need like Architect, Sales Person, Addendum or anything you like.

Customer Support and User Training

These are our USP and we are all ears to your challenges and hurdles in the business. The gap between QuickBooks accounting and service works features are bridging and many of the features are in our back log and will be available to all users soon. It won’t be long when Service Works would independently function with full capabilities of any standalone accounting software.