Service Business

Let System do the mundane work so that you can do the brain work.

Automation is something everyone needs in every day life to streamline daily operations.

What does ServiceWorks automate:

If you have a Field Service business where you need to dispatch your staff to complete a job then you need to pay close attention here. Does the business process looks something like this after your customer acquisition process?

  1. Customer finds you and calls you for estimation
  2. You send the estimation which may include visiting the field
  3. Customer may call you back or not if they like your estimation
  4. You follow up with your open customers to get feedback.
  5. Finally if the customer accepts the estimation you need to schedule a date and time to create the job.
  6. The customer may or may not be available for the date and time originally assigned, so there are back and forth on confirming the date and time between you and the customer
  7. On the day of the job you send your assigned staff member to go complete. But because they may be overwhelmed with other jobs they may be getting delayed to reach the customer on scheduled time. Customer calls you, you call the staff and figure out what’s going on.
  8. Finally the staff member arrives at the job location and may be able to finish the job or reschedule. If they reschedule there will be more back and forth conversation about the date and time between you and the customer

Sorry you had to read this much about something you are already facing. Now if you have ServiceWorks it becomes something like below

  1. You acquire customer list one time, and assign a status to all the leads , so that system can automatically send notification of all the customers belonging to the same status.
  2. Replying to system notification the customer can click a link in the email that was sent and book an appointment or request an estimation. This will automatically create estimation or job in ServiceWorks platform and also notify you.
  3. Next you need to just assign a tech and automated notification will go to the customer and they will reply to a SMS saying I accept the date/time of the schedule.
  4. Automated appointment reminder can be sent a day prior to the job to get double confirmation from the customer.
  5. On the day of the job the tech looks at the job board and finds the jobs assigned to them and visits the site. System can real time track your staff and also send automated notification if they are late for an appointment.
  6. The tech can complete the job or reschedule on the field as he has access to the availability on the field mobile app.

Did you see how much time YOU don’t have to be physically responsible for managing the job? The system automation is taking over a lot of your manual work, conversation, emailing, calling. That’s what Service.Works gives you.

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