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The Top 6 Hottest HVAC Market Trends for 2022

The HVAC service industry is booming, both in business growth and the number of people employed in the heating and cooling business sector. This year that trend continues. To take full advantage of the expansion, here are some tips to give you an edge over the competition and stay up to date with HVAC market trends.

The “Internet of Things” is Still Going Strong

Homes and commercial businesses have embraced the new voice-controlled and digitally-managed technology, dubbed the Internet of Things (IoT). People want to control more things by voice or mobile app, and their thermostat is no exception. Whether a private home or commercial business, “smart” solutions mean plenty of upgrades for businesses embracing new technology or the constant innovations within smart technology. We’ve gone from playing music to turning on lights, to controlling entire heating and cooling systems by voice or app.

Promoting your HVAC maintenance business’ credentials in installing or servicing this type of technology will be one of the most important HVAC market trends continuing into 2022 and beyond. This may require additional training for employees, but the rewards will be well worth it.

Older Buildings, Newer Solutions

In the past, older buildings that needed air-conditioning installed often involved a complex and expensive process due to the lack of air ducts or space to install them. No more. With ductless systems, you can offer any home or business affordable HVAC solutions. Homeowners may not realize there is a more cost-effective system to install central heating and conditioning. You may want to market your HVAC service to them, in particular.

Newer Buildings, Smarter Solutions

Older buildings are benefiting from new HVAC solutions, but newer construction takes smart technology into account and builds with that in mind. But they still need devices installed to control that technology digitally, through laptops, tablets, and mobile phone applications. Smart HVAC marketing trends include catering to these clients who want high-tech solutions for their business or home.

Green Can Mean More Business

Homeowners and commercial businesses alike want to lighten their carbon footprint, whether to meet government regulations or simply be more environmentally conscious. Consumers and businesses want to save money as well as do their part to protect the Earth’s environment.

As vehicle gas prices skyrocket, people are becoming more interested in alternative fuels and alternative energy sources for their cars as well as their homes. Geothermal heating and cooling are in greater demand. Solar panels can be installed to partially provide power along with gas and cut heating and cooling costs. 

This presents a great opportunity for your HVAC service business. If your business offers environmentally friendly upgrades and maintenance, that will help you stay on top of 2022 HVAC market trends. Many customers will pay more for green technology.

HVAC Market Trends Include Targeting Future Employees

Turnover in employment and having to spend money on training new employees can drain budgets. Plus, if you don’t have enough employees to keep up with the expanded business demands, the growth of your company will be stunted. So it’s important to always be reaching out to younger potential employees and trying to encourage more people to enter your business.

Company culture is important to millennials, research has shown. In an increasingly competitive recruitment field, any edge over other potential employers can be a great advantage in avoiding staffing shortages. Implementing programs to give employees incentives for excellent work and service is one way to create a stronger company culture. Efficient technology such as mobile phone apps will appeal to younger workers and make your business more efficient.

If you view HVAC market trends to include potential employees as well as consumers, you’ll get a head start over other companies for possible staffing issues and potential shortages in the future. Plus you’ll get and retain better employees. Better employees mean happier customers and more business.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

When planning out your HVAC business market strategy, you should also think about millennials and the younger generation as customers. Would you believe a State of Global Customer Service survey found that 78% of the younger generation doesn’t want to have to go through their whole history of service or even their contact information every time someone makes a service call – they expect you to already know that information. That means for marketing and customer service, you’ll need some kind of digital solution and the technology to access that immediately when calling or being called by customers.

Field Service Software Can Be Your Best Friend (And Business Partner)

Because your clients expect you to know their information and history already, investing in some digital management software can boost your business. ServiceWorks offers software that can manage things like customer information, scheduling service visits, collecting payments, and managing leads for new customers. Get a free trial and you don’t even need a credit card to get started.

These are a few HVAC market trends that can help grow your business in 2022. Technology, green energy, and marketing to younger generations like millennials will help ensure future success with your heating and cooling maintenance business.