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How GPS Can Protect Your Brand and Identity

Since the coming of social media, it has made it possible to share news of an event as soon as it unfolds. Being a businessman the last thing you want is having a customer complain or give your service a bad review on social media. As a professional you have a lot to do to avoid such occurrence. Receiving complains saying “your technician is late to a job” or that “one of your drivers is caught sleeping in his truck in a parking lot” ought to be the least of your worries.

The Fix

What can you do to fix this problem? When dealing with your customers, your drivers and technicians are the “face of the company”. When it comes to the service you are offering, these two are the first ones the customers come in contact with. They represent your brand and the standards that it uploads. So when a driver isn’t driving properly or a technician is late to a job, it always reflects poorly on your brand as a whole.

Take advantage of GPS/Telematics systems in running your business. GPS/Telematics are technology that uses software and devices to help keep track of your vehicle using the internet and satellite connectivity. Making use of GPS/Telematics not only allows you to track your vehicles and assets in the field, but also plays a crucial role in delivering good customer service. Using GPS/Telematics there’s no need for numbers at the back of your truck that screams “How’s my driving”, as you use real time data to track your driver’s performance. This tells you where he is, how fast he’s driving, and his distance from his destination.

Customers always want fast and reliable solutions to their problems. When an upset customer calls for an unscheduled emergency job, with GPS/Telematics you are able to track the driver or technician closest to them and send him to the job right away. This saves you lots of money and time and in the end you have a happy customer who is satisfied with your service.

Using driver behavior technology, you are able to tell how your drivers are when they are on the road, by tracking hard breaking, car speed and stops. Now you can tell how fast he goes, when he hits the breaks hard, and when he decides to take a nap on the road. Discover any driving trait that’s undesirable for your operations, you can confront the driver and make sure changes are made. This not only helps in saving you from high fuel and maintenance costs, but also improves the lifespan of your vehicles.


Think about it: Since using GPS/Telematics no more calls of concerns and complaint about your vehicles from customers or members of the neighborhood. You provide fast and reliable service to your customers, incurring low operations costs. And You are able to maintain the high standard of your brand, while being more efficient with your process. In the long run GPS/Telematics helps you gain greater returns on investment (RIO) from your data.

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