Top 8 Apps  to Grow Your Handyman Business

Top 8 Apps to Grow Your Handyman Business

If you’re running a handyman business, there are a lot of applications out there that can make your job easier and more organized and help you level up when it comes to efficiency and accuracy. Today we will look at the best apps for your handyman business and briefly overview what these apps do. 

Fundamental tools of the trade

Handy Tools for DIY

Help eliminate the age-old question of where you put that ruler. Handy Tools for DIY is an app containing some of the most common tools for home repairs and daily use, including a ruler, surface level, plumb bob, or a protractor. This app is a flat rate and costs under six dollars depending on if you have an Android or iPhone.

Stud Finder

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m not talking about a dating app here. Stud Finder is a free (iOS) application for finding studs faster than Tinder. If you can’t find your stud finder in your toolbox, use this Stud Finder app on your smartphone or tablet. This app uses a sensor in your phone to detect metal, wood, and wires to safely find wall studs when working with drywall or installing shelves.

Marketing Apps


Angi is an excellent app for marketing your handyman business. You can easily list your work on the app so customers can find you easily. It comes with a price guide tool that helps you correctly price your services for the demographic. You can get customer reviews for your service. Some bonus features of his app are that it’s free to use and has transparent pricing, which means a lot less haggling for both the customer and you. However, if you want to get paid work off this app, it is best to consider a paid account.


TaskRabbit is one of the best apps for your handyman business, both for the user and the handyperson. This app lets you track your business operations, like delegating tasks to your team. You can create a profile showcasing your skills, experience, price, and reviews. Once a customer decides they want to book, you will get an invitation and can bid on the job. A perk of this app is that you can pick and choose what jobs you want and set your rates. To get on this app as a certified service provider, you must undergo a lengthy screening and background check process.


Nextdoor is a beautiful tool to market your services locally. Use Nextdoor to help area homeowners find you when they need handy work. Past or existing customers can recommend your business to other homeowners in your area. Plus, you can post ads and special offers.

Creating a profile and sharing updates with your neighborhood is free—or you can run paid ads to promote your services.


Thumbtack is another app on the local scale that connects service providers like yourself to the customers in and around their zip code. To get the app, create a professional profile with a picture of your face and an introduction. You list what services you offer, your prices, and the forms of payment you take. Customers can rate and leave reviews.

Administrative apps


Quickbooks is a tried and true accounting software app that easily allows you to invoice clients, do payroll, keep track of expenditures, and much more. It quickly helps you manage and categorize what you spend; by linking your bank account to the app, it can easily keep track. It also makes it super easy for small businesses to keep track of accounting for taxes. The only drawback is that it can get expensive.


ServiceWorks is an administrative application dedicated to making your life as a small business owner easier. Not only does this app offer scheduling options and store client and job information, but it also stores equipment information. Also, ServiceWorks can optimize routes to save valuable time and money for those days when you have multiple jobs. 
It also helps improve customer satisfaction by sending out customer surveys after completing a job. In addition, it handles payments and invoicing. This app does the job of an administrative assistant without the extra person on the payroll. Check it out today with a risk-free 14-day trial.