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Common Challenges in Field Service Management and How to Address It Like a Pro

Organizing Field Service Team in mobility means a challenge. Often, you have to face unexpected daily problems.  In this article, we are going to discuss about the challenges in Service Field Management. We are also going to discuss how our solution can solve these challenges.

The concept of labor mobility is something that has become trending time to time. It all started when the first laptops arrived in our lives. It was reinforced with the arrival of smartphones and exploded with the appearance of tablets and other devices. However, let’s not talk about all that. Let’s talk about additional mobility, REAL mobility work, the Field Service Workforce. Here are the common challenges:

#1 Managing various workers at once

In this case, mobility management can be a real headache for many managers who have to organize the work of a labor force that is always on the street. They are the itinerant workers of various business sectors: installers, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, surveyors, appraisers, medical assistance.

#2 Scheduling Problems

The manager often cannot keep up to watch Routes, shifts, schedules, internal vs. outsourced staff, skills/expertise/knowledge of our team. We have to find the perfect formula so that all the pieces fit. Moreover, the puzzle changes daily. Even in a single day. We must take into account any unforeseen, from the traffic, a technical problem in a vehicle, the lack of a staff member and of course, never forgetting the urgent notices.

#3 Organizing Various Tasks

These managers have a name: Supervisors or Team Coordinators, but they are jugglers who have to do balances every day to combine tasks with resources and with constant pressure to optimize costs by doing great assignments and improving customer service daily.

What if we had a tool developed to help us with this task? It combines intelligence, control, and speed. Our team have spent so much time maturing a response to these problems, and the result has a name: ServiceWorks, our solution for managing the mobile workforce.

It is prepared to manage all types of tasks, integrating parameters such as locations, skills (or competencies) of workers. It also detects needs for specific machinery, associated service level agreements (SLAs), need for spare parts, workflows, or the category of services (planned or urgent). Moreover, it’s a  smart tool that can combine all of this with sites, shifts, agendas, skills and knowledge, different organizations, and source of resources (internal or external).

With this tool the coordinator could manage more workers at the same time, can increase the number of daily tasks that each employee can execute. Finally, it reduces the time of displacement between tasks, optimize resources and reduce costs. You can eventually identify training needs to improve your team. In short, it helps you make better decisions through reporting and increase customer satisfaction.

Does that sound good to you?

ServiceWorks is a solution built and designed to be always in the cloud, and relied on  Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps. It gives you some advantages such as: scalability with unlimited storage, available anytime and anywhere, total security (both access and backups) and we boost your company’s productivity!

If you want to know how it works, you can sign up here. Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll show you real examples, and we’re sure you’ll be reflected in one, several, or perhaps all of them.