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10 Things Every Field Service Management Director Should Be Doing

Field service management entails the coordination of company resources for businesses that offer services to clients on their own property rather than company ground. Such services includes, HVAC installation and repairs, electrical services, plumbing, etc.

As a field service management director it is your duty to look for better ways to conduct business and facilitate customer satisfaction.

Below are 10 ways management directors enhance can service delivery.

1.  Maintain good customer relationship

Customers are the key to business growth, and they should be put first. Emphasis should be placed on improving customer experience. Customer reviews and feedback should be embraced and used as catalyst for improvements.

2.  Coordinate your team

Field service management directors should be in control of their employees. Direct and instruct them on what to do, how to do it and when it should be done. This doesn’t mean you have to boss them around, you should strive to maintain a cordial relationship with your team.

3.  Make use of IoT smart technology

In almost every home today there are multiple smart home devices. Field service management directors should take advantage of machine to machine connection. Connecting to IoT smart home technology offers several benefits, which includes the ability to monitor machine performance and predict when a machine is about to fail. This will boost overall efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

4.  Create an “Uber” like service model

As a field service management director you should strive to keep customers happy, by providing fast and always available service. Make use of modern technologies like, GPS, mobility and optimization software to facilitate an always on, always available and always connected business model.

5.  Embrace automated scheduling

Scheduling is one of the most time intensive need of service business. Field service management directors should push for automation of appointment schedules and embrace the use of AI to improve appointment scheduling.

6.  Optimize service parts management

Maintaining spare part inventory is one of the costliest aspect of field service management. Field service management directors can cut down service parts inventory by adopting strategies that focus on making sure you have just the right amount of parts at the right locations.

7.  Provide technicians with cutting-edge technology

Equipped your technicians with real time technological tools that will help simplify background process and enable them focus on their core duty, this will enable your technicians perform efficiently and meet high customer expectations.

8.  Maintain workforce

Shortage of skilled field service engineers is a common problem faced by the field service industry. An aging workforce is one of the major issued within the field service arena, and replacements is lacking as younger generations don’t like to venture into the field service profession. Field service management directors should learn how to source for fresh hands and adopt the use of latest technology to preserve historical knowledge bases.

9.  Embrace electronic dispatching

A great way to save more time in the field it to switch from the use of phone calls for dispatching work orders to the use of electronic dispatch software. With the use of electronic dispatch you provide techs with more time to work effectively.

10.  Operate an integrated service management tool

Field service management directors should operate a centralized system. All software and application should be integrated to a platform where they can easily share data and functionality with each other.