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20 reasons why ServiceWorks is better than any other Field Management Software?

Here are the features that ServiceWorks have, and others do not have.

  1. Hot Scheduling: You can create jobs and let the team self assign jobs to complete. You only need to approve the jobs and not worry about schedule maintenance. Delegation gets you free time to focus on getting new customers.
  2. Instant Booking: As part of being ServiceWorks network , we will publish Booking button in our site where your customers can come and book jobs directly for you.
  3. Optimization: Generate optimized route and assignment based on employee skills, distance and weather. You can optimize jobs for multiple dates, not just one.
  4. Team Roles: Set roles and permissions for your team so you can control what your team sees or does.
  5. Historical Map view of Job: You can not only see all of your team members location and position; you can also see the history of it.
  6. Import Data: We help you import your customers or jobs from any old software that you have.
  7. Bulk Invoice Printing: There is no need to print invoice one by 1. It’s easy click 1 and print in bulk.
  8. Fast Work Order Creation: Time is crucial, and our interface is optimized to create job in just 23 seconds in one page. You don’t have to click around or navigate around to create a job.
  9. Support Property Management, Residential and Commercial customer: We can have multiple contacts for each customer
  10. Reschedule recurring jobs: You can custom schedule job, and also reschedule job with a reason associated with it.
  11. Generate custom reports in 24 hours: We have 50+ reports available. And we can also add on demand report just for you.
  12. POS: Hardware less POS for upsell in the field
  13. Integration with Shopify: Integration with Shopify for pulling all your orders and fulfilling from ServiceWorks.
  14. Audit: Ability to Audit every single job showing who did what and when and ability to print the logs
  15. eBlast: Send seasonal promotional emails to the customers
  16. Inventory Management: Manage your parts or items needed for completing job and automatically create purchase order when needed
  17. Finance Charge: Automatically set finance charge to customers who are late in payment
  18. Custom Job Form: Create google like forms and attach to your work order or use it for customer survey. You can create any types of form and use it for any purpose you need.
  19. Continuous Support and Customization: ServiceWorks can add specific features that suits only your business for no additional cost.
  20. Integration with QuickBook: ServiceWorks can integrate with Quickbooks desktop along with Quickbooks online

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