Release Notes

Weekly Update June 12, 2023

System Patches and Updates for June 12th, 2023

The following issues/patches/updates were addressed in our latest update to ServiceWorks:

New Features

  • Packing List template added for Customer Order
  • New Report: Customer Order with Customer Custom Field
  • Customer Logins for Customer Portal can now be created by the customer in Instant booking (will create the email as the username and zipcode as the password)

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue with entered zip codes being mapped to incorrect cities and states. Can now enter, edit, and accept any characters into the zip code field
  • Job completed notification now appears within the notification menu
  • Additional characters no longer get added to part numbers on invoices
  • Corrected issue with price ticket displaying incorrect or negative amounts
  • Fixed issue with displaced control arrows on the Route Sheet page
  • Resolved error with menu freezing after adding pictures to Product section
  • Custom fields now maintain their alignment when zooming in or out of desktop site
  • Voided invoice amounts no longer appear in tax or deposit reports
  • Addressed enroute enforcement permission not functioning properly
  • Resolved issue with skewed Sales History view
  • Matched Skill Set icon has been restored on the the technician assignment menu
  • Fixed picture alignment in Schedule and Company Users menu
  • Resolved issues with syncing warrantied jobs to QuickBooks
  • Completed Job forms can now be properly downloaded
  • Addressed issues with jobs mapped to zones defaulting to the default unmapped zones
  • Corrected error with searching combined invoices by customer name

Mobile App

  • Estimates can now be approved via Mobile App


  • Service and billing address now populate into separate columns when exporting customer information
  • Duration column added to Estimated Employee Commission report
  • Custom Field search added to Customer page
  • Lead Generation SWidget now sends a notification whenever customer information is submitted
  • Added the ability to search customer information by city
  • Job Content can now be copied over to child jobs in recurrences
  • Show New Address toggle added to Customer Portal settings
  • Color coding for ServiceBench and ServicePower changed to match brand logos
  • Invoice due dates can now be set for 15 days after the job date
  • Payment Disclaimer can now be removed from Payment section of Instant Booking
  • Updated navigation in Inventory Variant menu for easier use
  • Barcode scanning can now search items in inventory
  • Warranty Type field added to Invoice template
  • Additional character entry added to Claims Processor Username

We update ServiceWorks over a weekend when a patch or update will also affect the mobile app. This prevents our customers from getting an update notice on their mobile devices when starting their workday. Please look for our Maintenance Notification Emails. Please note, the morning after a promotion to the system you may see some temporary slowness when first logging into your account. This will clear up quickly as your system takes in the new updates

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