Release Notes

Weekly Update August 19th

System Patches and Updates for August 19th, 2022

The following issues/patches/updates were addressed in our latest update to ServiceWorks

  • Addressed some serial number issues being linked to models
  • Due amounts on returned POS addressed
  • Update for some Zip Codes in the US and Other Countries
  • Appointment Reminders not going out to some customers has been addressed.

New Features:

  • The instant Booking module now allows for a pre-selected service, that can be set in your price list at the service level
  • Sort Order has been added to Product Grid, Primary Customer, and Sub Customer
  • POS Register printer template now available using paper with a width of 3-1/4 inches
  • Mobile Applications – Pictures – In the content area there is now a “Before” and “After” category
  • Instant Booking module, notifications not being received for booking notification fixed
  • Multiple Trips on one job? The technician will now be warned if there are still future trips scheduled when they go to complete the job/trip

We update ServiceWorks over a weekend when a patch or update will also affect the mobile app. This prevents our customers from getting an update notice on their mobile devices when starting their workday. Please look for our Maintenance Notification Emails. Please note, the morning after a promotion to the system you may see some temporary slowness when first logging into your account. This will clear up quickly as your system takes in the new updates.

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